unaware consciousness

living in this superficial idealistic world that i created in my mind for several years now,i have indeed finally been struck with an unacceptable and uncomfortable realisation.never had i ever thought that anything could negate what i intended to experience as life unfolds.

call it luxury and unachievable expectations or aspirations of a decent life that i thought is to be universally bestowed upon me.

call it immaturity or a rather mature independent affirmation of what i needed to naturally attract in my journey of life.

call it foolishness and calousness,let me be known to be taking things for granted and surely i made false promises to myself.

but in defense, that little girl, unaware of the harsh means, life adopts to shape you to be honorable,sufficed and respectable never knew that living is not merely surviving but striving.

its been a meagre portion procured of this unaware consciousness righteously named life.and still loads is unaccomplished.

now i empathize with all the pointing fingers that are looking me in the face and interrogating why such a degrading designation did i asign to the purest of all-life.yet i stand hard as a rock supporting my ‘unaware consciousness’ perception.

this is so because-

*surely we are moving and breathing and eating and drinking today but we are unaware of the day that would be our last to perform these tasks

*surely we are putting all our efforts and rigour in what we intend to achieve yet we are unaware that we still might never crack it.

*surely we are loving and showering affection to our loved ones but we are unaware of many who do not even possess the same.

*surely there are many such prevailing scenerios yet we are unaware that we are unaware of them.

but are we really unaware or oblivious?

i would answer that we humans are nothing more than that immature child with a perception of an idealistic world, who when come in contact with the difficulties of life try to act unaware to just survive and by doing so they exempt the stiving.(just in their minds at least)

thus, again we are making these imaginary idealistic living conditions to avoid pitfalls and toil by means of this unaware consciousness, beneficial in no way yet comforting in many.

i know this perception of mine does not simplifies anything.in fact if something it makes us uncomfortable as it puts us in a turmoil and introduces us to the highly disturbing awareness.

its confusing of course.but thats what our unaware consciousness is meant to be.

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